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The Only Code Generator on the Market creating BOTH front-end and backend code automatically.

The Magic Code Generator extension on Visual Studio allows developers to generate microservices and code from models in an instant. Create your front-end in bootstrap and Angular while using MongoDB as backend. Simply defining a few parameters and get code for your microservices.  


Our team is made of passionate people focused on helping developers. Based in Canada; we offer unique solutions for developers. Our members are technology veterans, committed to providing smart solutions for any size project. Contact us if you have specific requirements

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Create a model or a template. Get code generated automatically.

  1. Simple : create a model or template and set parameters.

  2. Efficient: your ANGULAR code is created seamlessly

  3.  Intelligent: the application generates more than just code...



Creating tools for developers

We design smart tools to make developer's lives easier. The Magic Code Generator is the result of innovative and insightful technological approach, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences. Our incredible team of engineers and programmers have worked tirelessly to bring Magic Code Generator to the forefront of the industry.


Our team has years of experience in multiple programming languages and has the ability to create powerful tools for developers from Angular to MATERIAL.