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Discover the most advanced code generator on the market

Build enterprise-grade mobile and web applications fast.

Join the Magic Code Generator Community

Don't start writing code from scratch. Let Magic Code do the heavy lifting.    

  • Accelerate your development time by 60%

  • Test and visualize results in a provided test environment

  • Own the intellectual property of your generated components.

From a model.  Create a full-stack application 

Register to our Community and get access to:

  • Advanced tutorials on microservices, models and more.

  • Our new dashboard 

Developing new applications from scratch and coding them takes time and patience. MagicCodeGenerator accelerates your development by litterally generating 1000s of lines of codes while creating back-end and front-end microservices. 

Almost  10000 users
have already downloaded the Magic Code Generator.

" We used MagicCodeGenerator to develop our application for geo data visualization in weeks rather than months. We received great support from the team"

Thomas O Neil, CTO TeamApp


Thank for Joining the Magic Code Generator Community!

We promise 

-No spamming or sollicitation

All updated info and progress on new features and product evolution

We need your feedback to improve our tools.Please Join the Community 


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Join the Magic Code Generator Community and get access to advanced Tutorials and Templates

What do people build with Magic Code Generator?


Developer teams choose Magic Code Generator to create applications based on the powerful features and the ability to significantly accelerate the creation of micro-services both front and back-end. There is no other tool on the market that generates code this way. 

Whatever your software development needs are, our experts are standing by to help you deliver your build on time and as specified.


Here are a few industries that we have experience in:

- fintech and blockchain applications

- identity management

- Analytics and Data visualization

- financial reporting

Completely Open-Source

An Open-source solution where your can customize parameters. Create your model and get all your micro-services generated.

Reduce your dev time by up to 60%

Reduce your development costs by 60%. Create robust applications with micro-service code for your back-end and front-end.

Develop in Visual Studio Code

Develop from a familiar platform with an integration to the dashboard

Why choose Us?

How much does it costs?

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