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Why is Magic_Code_Generator so Powerful to create Scalable and Robust applications.

The most-advanced Open-Source solution to create TRULY custom mobile and web apps.Scale your design from 2 to 2 million users without worrying about stability. 

Create Back-end and Front-end MicroServices in a few minutes.

Why you should use Magic Code Generator to develop applications:

Completely Open-Source

The Open-source solution where your can customize model parameters. Create your model and get all your micro-services generated in minutes.

Reduce your development time by 60%

 Deliver applications faster with robust code. Save time and money. Design a model. Crate a full-stack application

Develop in Visual Studio Code

Develop on Visual Studio Code. Home of 14M developers. MCG is fully integrated with a dashboard

Lean-optimized and documented code

Create clean and lean code to execute fast. Code that is easier to undertand and work on for the rest of the team.

 Based on model and microservices and open code

A true and tested approach to create applications with efficiency. 

Data-base and container flexibility

You may be working in SQL and decide to migrate to MongoD for some reason. No problem,you can easy port to another database. No constraints lie with some other providers.

Designed for developers

No matter how good you are you will need to debug and make revisions to your code. MCG is designed to easily debug your code. Test changes safely on a private development version of your site, merges changes, then deploy them live to users with one click. Instantly revert your application to any point in its history if you need to make revisions.

Full control and Built-in user scalability

Low-code development platforms do not always offer scalability and we not designed for scalability in the first place. We designed ours so that you can go from 2 to 2M users easily.

Platform portability on-cloud

Run your code and application in any environment for full control. You can allocate more server resources as your user base grows and scale up from a demo app to a web-scale enterprise without technical changes.  

Magic Code Generator is available open-source on Visual Studio Code Marketplace


Download from Visual Studio Code FREE

1. Define your app requirements in terms of data 

2. Create your model from simple parameters

3. Let Magic Code Generator generate microservices for your back-end in MongoDB and front-end in Bootstrap

3.  Visualize your data input fields using our Dashboard 

More than 10 000 users have already downloaded
the Magic Code Generator.

Develop Applications Fast

The Magic_Code_Generator low-code platform helps developers build, modify, and update serious applications quickly and efficiently. A declarative model-driven development environment with built-in scalability ensures apps are crated in days or weeks instead of months or years. Platform services  enable you to deploy and manage your apps with a few clicks.

We are looking for feedback from users to improve all aspects of our tools. We kindly ask for your email to share our latest developments. We will not spam you.  

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Use case : Generating maps from Google sheets

The problem: creating a crowd-source application where users can enter coordinates displayed on a map in real-time

The solution: create a model and generate microservices back-end and front-end to connect to Google Sheets. Use our TeamApp Visualizer to see on an interactive map.  



Creating low-code tools for data aggregation, visualization and insights 

We design smart tools to make developer's lives easier. The Magic Code Generator is the result of innovative and insightful technological approach, we strive to enhance our users’ everyday experiences. Our incredible team of engineers and programmers have worked tirelessly to bring Magic Code Generator to the forefront of the industry.


Our team has years of experience in multiple programming languages and has the ability to create powerful tools for developers from Angular to MATERIAL. 

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