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We have been busy on new features for our next release scheduled June 23th.   Here are the main highlights

Magic Code Generator
Release 1.2

Server Section

We added a new CORS section allowing to set global access permissions for each REST method. The origin property takes either a single value (i.e. “*”) or an array of URLs allowed to access the service. The methods array specifies what are the allowed methods. For example, if the DELETE method is not included in the array, the service will refuse any DELETE request.

A new authentication sub-section is used to restrict access to the service. Currently JWT token identification is supported. It works with the future authentication service provided to members of the Magic Code community. Two signature encryption are supported: HS256 and RS256. We are planning to add payload encryption with a private-public key to assure the privacy of the information. For example, if the users’ role is included in the JWT payload, the latter would be encrypted with a private key, and only the service knowing the public key can decipher the role and user credentials.

Finally, the interface sub-section is used to specify the type of interface used to interact with client applications. Currently, we only support REST but we are developing a GraphQL interface. Give us feedback on the proposal to add also Kafka and Firebase interfaces. Both propose a publish-subscribe, event-based type of interface. The development of these interfaces will depend on the feedback provided.

Service Section

In the service section, we added two (2) new properties:
· The paginate property specifies if pagination is to be used for queries made to the database. If “true”, then code is generated for validation and support of offset and limit parameters.
· The storage section is dependent on the type of database used. In the next release, both MongoDB and the following SQL databases are supported (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, redShift, snowflake). The type and quantity of properties specified are dependent on the type of database selected. Thus, each SQL database has a specific set of attributes.

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