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Launching Magic Code Generator v1.0 Release Candidate

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

We have been working for the last few months to improve and refine the Magic Code Generator with your user comments and suggestions. We are proud to launch the version 1.0 RC(release candidate) today. The new version offers an ever more advanced framework to create web and mobile applications from models while generating microservices. This is by far the most advanced tool to create microservices and custom applications. At MCG we re-define low-code development by allowing developers to define their own parameters and THEN we do the heavy lifting by generating code for back-end and front-end functionalities. This is a Low-code tool like no other as it help you to be create custom application both mobile and web in your own environment without contraints. We area also introducing a dashboard allowing you to more easily visualize data. The dashboard can alos be used as a tool to test and refine your design as you are developing an MVP for instance. We are also working on model templates base don common use-cases to further accelerate your development time. .

This extension is now available on Visual Studio Code with all the functionalities you have been looking for.

You can download the Magic Code Generator on the VisualStudio Marketplace at

Magic Code Generator

The Magic Code Generator application is free to download. If you wish to have technical support or have specific requirements you can subscribe to our Community at

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